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3D Masala provides 3D characters for productions (High Poly & Low Poly). Long experience in 3D industry and especially with Video Games constraints productions (Mesh topology for efficent rigging, Tris budget limits, Deadline...),

3D Masala worked on
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Tron Legacy and many Misc projects...

  • 3D Characters Creation: Humans, Creatures, Animals...

    • High Poly modeling | Sculpting - Low Poly Modeling
    • UV Mapping Texturing (diffuse, specular...) & Baking (Ambiant Occlusion | Normal Map | Parallax | Bump | Displacement Map)
    • Rigging (biped, bones, facial rigs...)

  • 3D Models & Textures Polish...

    • Geometry re-Topologisation and cleaning
    • Size up textures

  • 3D Models Optimization

Depending of the quality, size and milestone of your project, 3D Masala works with a experienced Team of Freelance Artists. We've joined our skills and experience to provide efficient and quality 3D Outsourcing Services.
All productions are supervised by lead Pipeline Artists and Art directors. We work with a wide range of 3D specialists and we can manage
Whole Worflow for you:
  • - Concept/sketches artists
  • - Characters/creatures Digital sculptors
  • - Low poly Characters artists
  • - Rigging specialists
  • - Animators
  • - Textures artists

- 3D Artwork on www.3D-Masala.com created as Freelance only -
- Recent 3D art not online, some projects still under NDA -

3D artist freelance outsourcing characters


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